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Estate Sales can be stressful and emotional for the seller. At Estate Sales by JnJ, all items are inventoried and researched. Years of experience in antiques, art and everyday items provide the knowledge and sensitivity to make the right choices of what to sell and what to keep. Every effort is made to provide an honest and fair appraisal. For unique items, a licensed appraiser is on call.

Estate Sales by JnJ will tag, price, stage and display the items to their best advantage. Prior to the sale, notification via email is sent out to our growing list of subscribers. We also advertise on the national website EstateSales.net and an ad is placed in the Desert Sun. Directional signs are placed during the sale. On the day of the sale, Estate Sales by JnJ representatives will be present from the start to the finish of each sale.

Our staff has decades of experience in buying and selling of household goods, antiques, and art. We constantly research items so we can price items fairly for both the seller and buyer.

Time is a great value to us all. When we make an appointment we are prompt and on time. When we conduct a sale, the sale will start on time with no excuses.

When a client contracts with us to do a sale they are putting their trust in us to be honest - and we value that trust!

Get peace of mind at Estate Sales by JnJ where we work hard so that it's easy on the seller and effortless on the buyers. To be the first to know of our sales, we encourage you to visit our subscribe page and add yourself to our mailing list.

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